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About The Show

Heart Beats Cast is an actual play podcast. We play a heavily homebrewed version of Ryuutama set in the world of 'Runorah' (Rune-Or-Ah), created by The Storyteller and Game Master Xander.

Heart Beats explores the concept of normal people in an extraordinary world. We follow our players living their new lives in the town of Heartbeats, a small town in this wondrous fantasy world. There is no dragon slaying or many dungeons, but not to say there won't be any fantastical adventures in the town of Heartbeats! 

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Our Storyteller - Xander

The Storyteller, Game Master, The Editor of Heart Beats Cast.

Xander crafts the game world that the players, Rob and Jazz, play in.
Writer, Editor, and Every NPC, Xander is our Storyteller.

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Player - Rob

Jacque Lapin and Music Guru

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Player - Jazz

Charlene Coltrane and Social Media Extraordinare